White and Light Gray Fabrics

White and light grey fabrics


White and light grey fabrics



5 thoughts on “White and Light Gray Fabrics”

  1. Hi, i recently created four ads for a ad campaign and need some help telling me which ad is the best and out of the three similar ads, which one has the best font. The ads are on my home page labels “#ItsRudeToStare” Thanks for your help.


    1. Hi, i saw 4 images on you home page – 3rd image has very good font.
      – the text down and social icons are not centered
      – try to change the color to white of text Golf fashion leaving only the LATEST in red color
      – try this : social icons on right corner and logo on left corner


  2. White and light gray fabrics designs are excellent. You have used a good color combination and it looks perfect. Grey is always a favorite color for many designers and it looks great in fabrics. You have used it perfectly. Wow, excellent job.


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