Spring Time Photo Effects

Spring time  photo effects

Download GraphicRiver

The package contains 16 photo effects + 8 sunlight effects + Quick preview  file. Depending on your photo you can use more than one effect reducing opacity. To hide some parts of the effects use soft black brush with low opacity painting on white layer masks. The PSD files are fully editable – you can customize all adjustment layers depending on your photo. To place your photo > double click on thumbnail of layer “Image replacer” > in new psd file go to menu File > Place… transform your image then save this file. The final result of effects depends on exposure and colors of your photo, quick preview file will help you to see all 16 effects on your image. There is no problem to use PSD files for bigger sizes of photos, just open landscape or portrait PSD file, change the size and place your photo at the bottom of all photo effects. Spring Time photo effects are perfect for web and print design.

* 1 PSD file 3000 x 2250px | 10” x 7.5” | 300ppi
* 1 PSD file 2000 x 3000px | 6.7” x 10” | 300ppi
* 1 PSD file 800 x 600px | 72ppi | Landscape
* 1 PSD file 600 x 900px | 72ppi | Portrait
* 1 PSD file 900 x 1200px | 72ppi | Quick photo effects preview
* Help file


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